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Middleton Post 39
January 27, 2020

  The meeting was called to order at the Post home by Commander Marv West at 1855 hrs.  Attendance is on separate list.
  Colors were saluted. Fred Webb led the opening prayer.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commander West. The attendees recited the preamble to the American Legion Constitution.   Fred Webb recited the POW/MIA Ceremony.  The Sgt-At-Arms, Mike Polk indicated that there was a quorum, 23 members, 1 SAL, 1 ALA and and 3 guests were present.
Minutes: I have copies of the November minutes. They are also on the web site. I move that the November 25 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed

Guests were introduced: Mayor Steve Rule, Merie Penavs and Jeff Lawson, ALR members; Gene Fiel, S.A.L. member and Violet, ALA member.

We have $2,043.03 in the bank of which $ dedicated The savings account stands at $9,124.50. Since the November meeting, we have received $135 in dues of which $112.50 was forwarded, $400 honor guard including $50.00 from the Army, $120 Merchant Flag, $21 for dinners and $500 gift from Jackie Hutchinson.
Our major expenses were $1,000 raffle, $355 cost of our home (phone & internet $185, power $100, utilities $185 ), $239 office supplies, $369 for dinners and $150 to Wreaths Across America. I do have a Revenue & Expense Report that goes into more detail as well as one for the 2019 calendar year.
On the raffle, we received $4,133 with payout and expenses of $1,086 for net of $3,047.
Membership: We have 91 2020 members which is 93% of our goal. I have up to date rosters available here on the table. We only need 7 more members. If you are one of the 18 that have not yet paid your 2020 dues, you are delinquent! And you will dropped from our mailing list. If you renew, you will also want to renew your LIT ADD insurance. I have a list of them.
Adjutant: Not all of us have Military ID cards allowing access to Base Exchanges & Commissaries. Veterans enrolled with VAMC can access it using their VA Health Care ID Card. Care givers can obtain a letter to also gain access. I have the full article on my computer to check it out.
Korea era veterans: South Korea wants to give you a medal. I have more info and a couple of applications.
If you shop at Ridley’s, you can have them designate a portion of your purchases to Post 39. You do need to renew every year. I have the forms for that purpose.
If you enjoy talking on the phone and want something you can do at home. We need to touch base with our members, especially the ones that haven’t been showing up. Let me know if you are interested.
My new office hours are about 0830 – 1130 Mon., Tue. & Thu and 1300 – 1530 Sat & 1230 – 1530 Sun. Comments are welcome.
It was moved and seconded to accept the Adutant’s report – passed.

2nd VC: Dave reported that the rules for the Auxiliary have changed and men may be members of the auxiliary. [Their spouse or parents must be Legion members] He urged members to join the Auxiliary.
Dave also reported that the MidWinter conference was very interesting and much was learned.
Ronald McDonald House accept pop can tabs are no longer used for dialysis. They are turned in for their aluminum which benefits their operations. He will continue to take them in. A question was asked if we could take the caps of pop purchased – it was stated that these are plastic bottle caps, not aluminum.
Dave, indicating that we had a need for storage, suggested that we build a shed on a corner of this property. It was thought that we might not need a permit. The Mayor indicated that the permit was triggered if there was power. Someone suggested the school but was told that it must be on premises.

Honor Guard: Dan has asked in the past that we respond to his messages about services and we are not doing it.
We don’t have anything for February or March yet but do have several in May.

Dave reported that talking to Abe Abrahanson had a call for Honor Guard services, he called five Posts and couldn’t get any response. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he didn’t call us.

Commander: Marv suggested an enclosed trailer. If and when we need to move it, it is ready to go. He is aware of an 18X7 end-load horse trailer. He can buy it for $2,000 and suggested we compare it to the cost of lumber. Gerry Fiel said he has a fully enclosed 6X10 trailer for $1,000. It was asked if we could get pictures of the trailer. Pictures will be taken and distributed.

Merie Penavs reported that the Vietnam War Veterans Day will be at the Capitol steps on March 29 with a flyover, an Honor Guard, Riders and an American Legion Membership booth from noon to 3:00. Also on a date to be determined, Ride 22 will be bike rally starting at the Idaho Center with a ride to the Harley Davidson shop. It will be all day starting at 9:00 There will be a car show with a restored 1959 Thunderbird raffled off for $20 tickets. Proceeds to Veterans Suicide Awareness. American Legion Riders Chapters are no longer chartered by one Post but is District wide.
State of Idaho has been approved to make five bells from the brass from our flags for the commissioning of the USS Idaho submarine.

Mayor Rule mentioned that he had never seen a more patriotic meeting.

Marv mentioned that we will be signing the papers on this building for use through June 2020.

  There being no further business, Fred Webb led the closing prayer. “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted. The meeting was adjourned at 1955.
Bruce Irving
Next meeting is February 24.

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