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Middleton Post 39
February 24, 2020

  The meeting was called to order at the Post home by Commander Marv West at 1901 hrs.  Attendance is on separate list.
  Colors were saluted. Fred Webb led the opening prayer.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commander West. The attendees recited the preamble to the American Legion Constitution. CDR West asked if any one has seen the POW/MIA cover. It has been missing since the December party..   Fred Webb recited the POW/MIA Ceremony. 1st VC, Richard Joswick indicated that there was a quorum, 23 members, 1 SAL and 3 guests were present.
 I have copies of the January minutes. They are also on the web site. I move that the January 27 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed
Finance: We have $2,043.03 in the bank of which $ dedicated The savings account stands at $9,124.50. Since the November meeting, we have received $135 in dues of which $112.50 was forwarded, $400 honor guard including $50.00 from the Army, $120 Merchant Flag, $21 for dinners and $500 gift from Jackie Hutchinson.
Our major expenses were $1,000 raffle, $355 cost of our home (phone & internet $185, power $100, utilities $185 ), $239 office supplies, $369 for dinners and $150 to Wreaths Across America. I do have a Revenue & Expense Report that goes into more detail as well as one for the 2019 calendar year.
Adjutant: Did all members receive a notice of this meeting? No negatives
We will be taking nominations for all offices next month. If you are yearning to have more to say about our Post, let me know. Elections at the April meeting and Installation in April or May.
School Elections @ your polling place Mar 10 @ 0800-2000 . Don’t forget to vote according to your conscience. Other dates are on our Upcoming Events page.

1st VC: Richard reported that he hadn’t found any used electronic bugles. American Legion Baseball season begins mid-March. He indicated that Frank Long and himself will take care of the games.

2d VC: Dave reported that the cleaning session was very good. Will have another one in 3 or 4 weeks. They pick up a bit of moisture ad rust. Marv indicated the table clothes appear to have gone through WWIII and will be replaced.
Marv asked if there was any one on sick call. Max indicated that Harold Lewis is on hospice and not expected to last much longer.

Honor Guard: no report.

Marv asked Dave Shively to step forward. You did a fantastic job this year: running our raffle and recruiting. Therefore I think you deserve Legionnaire of the Year.

Marv said that we have been approached to host a troop of Scouts. There was some discussion, Kevin was asked to research the implications and report back at the next meeting.

Last month we talked about a storage shed and a trailer. The trailer is sitting outside. It will do for our storage unit at the moment. It was moved and seconded to purchase the trailer for $1,000.00 – passed.

There was discussion about our Merchant Flag Program. Dave and Mike have been contacting businesses in Middleton. Marv needs some help in Star. He reported that many of his customers did not like our putting up the flag only on certain holidays and he has allowed them to place the flag themselves.

Marv has a leather recliner that he wants to get rid of.
Stan and Marv are putting to provide a Barbecue trout dinner for the next meeting.

Discussion of the new pants we are getting from Haband for $12 each. A sign-up sheet was sent around for those that want one to put their waist and inseam size.

It was asked if we had a dehumidifier for our rifles. Marv has one and if the safe has the means to use one, let him know.

Stan asked that we keep the second Tuesday in June (June 9) be reserved for the semi-annual fish day at Juniper Ranch.

Mike Carpenter thanked every one for there prayers for his wife – as of today she is cancer free.

Bruce Peterson appreciated the 65 people showed up for his birthday party last Saturday. Fred sang Happy Birthday in his Baritone voice.

There being no further business, Fred Webb led the closing prayer. “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted. The meeting was adjourned at 1955.
Bruce Irving
Next meeting is March 30.

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