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Middleton Post 39
July 27, 2020

The meeting was called to order at the Post home by Commander Marv West at 1858 hrs. Attendance is on a separate list. There were 15 members and 4 guests.

Colors were saluted. Fred Webb led the opening prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by CDR West. The attendees recited the preamble to the American Legion Constitution.

Marv recognized our guests, ALR member Edward Stringer, Jeanne Christman, Department representative Mat Wrobel, and 3rd District Commander Rich Dees.

Fred Webb recited the POW/MIA Ceremony. Past Sgt-At-Arms Mike Polk indicated that there was a quorum: 15 members and 3 guests were present.

Rich Dees was invited up front to administer the oath of office. He apologized for Commander Brown as he did not drive down for just an hour. Following the ceremony, he reiterated a message from Gene Brown that it is more important that we uphold the Constitution – especially in the present time. Unfortunately, there are some Posts that are not upholding it. We are working with them.

The June minutes were mailed after the meeting and are on the web site. Bruce moved that the June 19 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed.
Finance: We have $2,820.30 in the bank of which $1, dedicated The savings account stands at $7,126.43. We have received $350 for funerals this month.
Membership: We have 58 2021 members which is 54% of our goal. I have up to date rosters. The 2021 cards are in. Only 50 more to go. Our dues are $45 per year and SAL is $15. Please make separate checks for members and SAL.
It is my sad duty to inform you that Ron Baker & his wife, Pat, caught the “flu” on the 14th, he went into VA Hospital the 21st for COVID and passed away yesterday. Also, Rainie Clark has had it.
Adjutant: The Veterans Home is closed to visitors, again! And there is a fundraiser for the Caldwell Veterans Memorial – a rally August 8th.. Have info here on the table.
Also, we have received a couple of messages from Tory at the Veterans Cemetery that, unless we can maintain a six-foot separation, we must wear masks. Dan will be speaking about this later.

1VC: Not present

2VC: No report

Honor Guard: Dan Geib reported that we will have completed 6 services this month. Last month we did 8. He then read the message from Tory at ISVC that we will have to wear masks at the cemetery unless we can maintain a 6-foot interval. He has picked up some masks. He then recapped known upcoming services.

Marv explained a conversation with the Patriot Riders. They would like to be more involved with our ALR Riders. While they want to join with our Riders, they want to maintain their current organization. Max answered that there are now about 50 ALR members (scattered over several Posts in the Treasure Valley.)

Marv remarked on the picnic. Unfortunately, Mike isn’t here to answer our questions.

There were more discussions about the Riders.

It was suggested we send a card to Joswick’s wife.

Carlos was called up and presented a Certificate of Appreciation for his help to one of our members moving his son’s possessions.

Mat Wrobel asked how we disposed of old flags – we burn them. He asked that we saved our brass to make two bells for the USS Idaho. Bruce brought out a bag with 4 years’ worth of grommets.

There being no further business, Fred Webb led the closing prayer. “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted. The meeting was adjourned at 1947.
Bruce Irving
The next meeting is scheduled for August 31.

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