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Middleton Post 39
February 26, 2018

The meeting was called to order at Sunrise Cafe by Commander Susan Barnett at 1900 hrs.  Attendance is on separate list.

Colors were saluted. Chaplain Bruce Peterson led the opening prayer.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commander Barnett. The attendees all recited the preamble to the American Legion Constitution.  Jack Youngs and Kevin Bundy performed the POW/MIA Ceremony.

QUORUM:  Commander Barnett requested from Sgt at Arms Dan Geib, if the Post had a quorum. He indicated that the Post did have a quorum.

POST MINUTES: Commander Barnett asked if we had minutes from previous meetings- Adjutant Bruce Irving said he has copies of the January minutes and they are on the web site.  He moved that the minutes of January 29 be accepted as posted on the web – it was seconded and passed.

GUEST ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: No guests but Arnie Burr and Betty Corn & Violet were acknowledged as we hadn’t seen them for a while.

Finance:     We have $5,403.94 in the bank.  The savings account stands at $10,114.80.  From the January meeting, we have received $40 for dues and $280 for Honors.  We also received $760.00 from Merchant Flag Program.
We did spend $289.00 for our new Insurance policy and we should be getting a refund on the old one.   We were paying $675 for it.
Membership:    According to my records, we now have 101 members paid for 2018 for 89.4% of our goal.  Unfortunately, one is now deceased and another has moved out of state with no new address.
Adjutant:             How many of you have checked out our new web site?  Several hands were raised.  I had a request to put the SAL minutes up as they were on the old site and they are now there.  Other than the calendar I receive very little to put up.  Pictures, articles or suggestions (including corrections) are always welcome.  And there is a place you can leave a comment.
I have a copy of a new roster.  I ask that you check it and insure that the data is correct.  If it is wrong or missing, fill it in. Also, I would like to include your spouse’s name.  If there is a symbol (!) in front of your name, see me.
Is anyone NOT receiving Legion magazine?  I need them to see me so that we can get your correct address to National.  Mike Polk indicated that he hadn’t received it.  Susan had a copy of National’s Roster and confirmed it was the correct address.
We have several items of uniform.  If someone needs an item, they could check with me first before having to purchase it.  Or, if anyone has items they no longer need or want, they could donate them to us.

1st VICE COMMANDER: Everyone in Starr is paid up for the flag program.

2nd VICE COMMANDER:  Dave is still having difficulty handling the program in Middleton.  We need to figure out who can take over from Dave.  Should give some thought about leaving the flags with the merchants for them to put up every day.  Marv:  If they want to purchase the flag it is $40.  The merchants in Star were very happy to hold the flags and put them up.  Marv gave each of them a Flag brochure.  Let them take care of it if they want.  We still replace worn or stolen flags.  Question was asked if the merchants were open on the holidays – most of them are.  In the event that they are going to be closed, there is nothing wrong with them putting it out the night before if it is lighted.   Marv asked if anyone had an objection to this program change.
Sue mentioned that applications for Boys and Girls State are on line now.  She does have two girls that are interested – if we can get the girls going, maybe the boys will get interested.  She does have the name of a new counselor at MHS – maybe she will more receptive than the old one.

SICK CALL:  We had one death:  Gary Hill’s wife has died.  A moment of silence for her.  If anyone has a sickness please get a hold of me.  I’m still active even though I just turned 88.  Adjutant mentioned that the Chaplain had brought in some pocket calendars and he still had three available – one was taken.  Peterson does have more.

COMMANDER’S REPORT:  Susan read the names of birthdays in February – we sang Happy Birthday for them.  We have over $700 in coupons for duty personnel in Korea.  Also want Box Tops for Education.  Flu shots are still available.  Dave Shively indicated that the Home is desirous of books and magazines.  Dan Geib indicated that they no longer take hard back books.
Next meeting is elections.  Get your nominations to Bruce.
Tony Snesko has moved to Maryland but hasn’t transferred yet.  The VA there put him on 100% disability.
COMMITTEE REPORTS:  no outstanding committees.


NEW BUSINESS:  Tax season is coming up – file your taxes.

Memorial for Departed:  Bruce Peterson read a memorial prayer.

GOOD of the LEGION:  Jack reminded us that we need to review our By-Laws, the SAL has already done theirs.  Turn in 3 new members and you can get in on a drawing at the Summer Convention.  He mentioned several coming dates.  Boys State is one day less.  There is a $5000 scholarship available to the participants.
Baseball is coming up.  You can go online to sign in as and the password is baseball18.
There are some fake emails purporting to be from National.  If the address does NOT have it is a fake – do not open it.
I have Legionnaire of the Year raffle tickets.  They cost $5 and there is a $500 and some $100 prizes.  Drawing is at Summer Convention.
Susan said that Tricare is changing again:  Tricare Prime is not changing.  You now can go to any doctor on the other plans.

There being no further business, Bruce Peterson led the attendees in a closing prayer.  “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted.  The meeting was adjourned at 1945 hours.  Dan Geib won the split-the-pot drawing

Bruce Irving