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Middleton Post 39
4/25, 2022

The meeting was called to order at the Star Fire Department by Commander Marv West at 1900. Attendance is on a separate list. There were 16 members and 7 guests present.

Colors were saluted. John Penry offered the opening prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by CDR West. The Preamble to the Constitution was not read as the copies were missing. John Penry recited the POW/MIA service. The Adjutant reported there was a quorum.

Minutes: The March minutes are on the web site. Bruce moved that the March 28 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed.

Introduction of guests: A standing ovation for our chef, Scott and his wife Kathy. John Wilch and his brother Jim Burton potential members, and Scott Brock, editor of the Middleton Gazette.

Finance: We have $1,808.22 in the bank The savings account stands at $15,674.65.
We have 2 dedicated funds that have not been used: $250.51 dedicated to veterans since November 2019 and $144.00 dedicated to Veterans Home since 2020. Do we want to leave them there or return them to the General Fund?

Membership: We have 110 2022 members which is 111% of our goal. We had 7 people transferred in to Post 39 in the past week

Adjutant: I will generally be in the office on Monday, Tuesday following meetings, Wednesday and Friday 1000-1400 unless there are other events scheduled.
Since we are members of the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, they have asked us for a brief bio of Post 39 that they will put on a social media post. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
Are we still placing flags on veterans graves at Middleton Ceremony on Friday May 27? We will do it at 0900.
The Middleton Independence Day parade will start an hour earlier at 1100 to avoid the heat.
Marv mentioned the Nampa Parade on May 21st.

1st VC: Absent

2nd VC: No report.

Honor Guard: Kevin reported Tat we had 4 funerals this month. One of them was in New Plymouth. Then we went out to Birds of Prey Motor Sports to fold their large flag. Yesterday we went to Triangle Restaurant in Sweet for their annual POW/MIA Ceremony.
We have an engagement at ISVC May 6 0930. May 7 we will have a ride and Honor Guard at Roswell Presbyterian Church arriving at 1230.
Marv mentioned that there was over 200 bikes.

Unfinished business: Update on the rifle repair. We will have each rifle checked by a armorer.

Dave & Tom update on rifle range. Better report next month.

The lights haven’t come in yet but they can be put on after the pole has been installed. If you want a pole, go to Star City Hall.

It was reported that our sign is still up at our old home. There are several things yet to be stored. Also we have chairs that we can sell at $5 each. And we’ll sand the tables, paint them and sell them at $25. We will keep a couple of the shorter ones for the ALA. Carlos has already sold 5 of the chairs.

It suggested that we have an open house. There will be a Chili Feed on November 11.

Fred Webb has withdrawn his nomination for Commander. Bruce read the nominations at present: Marv West Commander, Mike Carpenter 1st VC, Carlos Fleetwood 2nd VC, Ron Honea SgtAtArms, Doug Clark Historian and Tom Penry Chaplain. There were no further nominations. There was a motion the the Adjutant cast a unanimous ballot for the officers nominated, seconded and passed unanimously (after getting Mike to understand the vote).

Gerald Feil is not doing well. He has moved to a home in Caldwell Nampa area. He has COPD and lung cancer. Terry Glassinger is in South Dakota and would like to come back to Idaho as he has 4 feet of snow at his door.

Bruce reported that our next meeting will be a week earlier on May 23 because of the holiday.

There being no further business, Tom gave a closing prayer. “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted. The meeting was adjourned at 2013.
Bruce Irving

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