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Middleton Post 39
September 30, 2019

The meeting was called to order at the Post home by Commander Marv West at 1905 hrs.  Attendance is on separate list.

Colors were saluted. Fred Webb led the opening prayer.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commander West. The attendees recited the preamble to the American Legion Constitution.   Fred Webb recited the POW/MIA Ceremony.  The Sgt-At-Arms, Mike Polk, indicated that there was a quorum, 24 members present.

Minutes: I have copies of the August minutes. They are also on the web site. I move that the August 26 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed

Finance: We have $3,389.73 in the bank. The savings account stands at $9,121.04. Since the August meeting, we have received $225 in dues of which $150 was forwarded and $57 was received for PUFL (Paid Up For Life) members, $200 in Honor Guard donations, $190 raffle not counting today and $42 contributions for dinners.
Our major expenses were $93 cost of our home (phone & internet, missed paying power last month – it’s scheduled for this coming month), and $103 supplies. I do have an Revenue & Expense Report that goes into more detail.
We have sold 334 raffle tickets, plus what was turned in just prior to this meeting

Adjutant: Our thanks to Mayor Taylor for arranging the painting of the handicap parking space.
There are a couple of copies or Upcoming Events scattered around. A few upcoming dates:
Harvest Festival at Foote Park, 1100-1700, flag raising, firing squad and booth
District 3 Oratorical Contest will be at Post 113 on Nov 30. They will be this early in the coming years.
We have 66 2020 members which is 67% of our goal and I have one more. I usually have up to date rosters available here on the table.

1VC: No report
2VC: Harvest Festival this Saturday and we will have a table set up to sell raffle tickets. Marv announced that a lady purchased a ticket at Maverik, walked across the street, was hit by a car and died. Corporate says “no more” setting up tables. Dave continued that he was going to set up at Ridley’s. Harvest Festival is on North Middleton Road at the Stop Sign. We have 2 canopies. We will be doing the Honor Guard and Firing Volley.

Honor Guard: We had six events this month – only had one scheduled at the first of the month. We don’t get paid for all of them but the Army does pay us $50 for each one the call. Dan got a call from the Army last Friday asking if he could put together a team for 3:00. Dan’s reply was “No. We need at least 72 hours.” We did do an event at Kliener Park Saturday. We had received a last minute request from them as they had arranged with a company to do it and they backed out! Terry talked to the Meridian Police Chief. They had called Meridian for a Firing Team for a fallen Police Officer and they never got back to him. I won’t be at the Harvest Festival Friday. We will be doing a flag raising at Noon with rifle volley. I got a phone call from a gentleman back east whose brother passed away asking if we could do the Honors for him. He is a drummer with an military post Honor Guard unit and drums in the Honor Guard and the casket.

Sick Call: Violet had spoke to Marv that Betty Corn was declining and will need to go into a care facility.
Historian Arnie Burr has recovered and he will remain in Utah until the first of the year. They did not have to remove his leg, they put a stent in.

Old Business: Bruce In reviewing the By-Laws a couple of months ago, I discovered a couple of housekeeping measures needed in the By-Laws:

Article V Section 9: replace the name of the bank Syringa with Sunwest
Article 9 Section 1: replace the location of the meeting place, Sunrise Cafe`, with the Post home and its address.

Notice of these changes was sent with the notice of the August meeting per Article XIII Section 1, There are a few copies scattered around. I move that these amendments be accepted, seconded and passed.

New Business: We have a garage sale October 12 with proceeds go to the Post to help veterans. We have been approached by several people that want to sell their own products and give the Post a donation. It was moved that we not include non-veterans in our sale, seconded and passed. It was moved that spouses could set up, take care of their own product and cleanup; seconded and passed. In case of inclement weather, we may move inside. Richard Joswick was asked to be in charge of money collection. The sale will run from 1000 til 1600 with set-up prior.
Mike Polk asked “what are we going to do with this old carpet?”
Stan Meholchik has several awnings that we can use. We also thanked Stan for the dinner tonight.
Sunroc has been been on tap to pour concrete for our patio. They are coordinating with Richard Buskirk, the owner of this building. It is scheduled for this Thursday.
Marv needs help loading the carpet and taking it to the dump. He got a response for this Friday and Polk said he bring his trailer. Loading at 1100 Friday. Our thanks to the people that donated it to us but it got wet and became unusable.
Dave Shively noted that there wasn’t a light on the flag. He was corrected that there is a light on the flag pole but someone noted that it wasn’t on. Dave volunteered to find a dusk-to-dawn light on the sign and flag. Marv will wire it.
The women do not want to cook for a Christmas party. Marv suggested that we have a party just for our selves, Bruce Peterson offered a couple of Turkeys that we could cook but it was declined. Stan offered to make Prime Rib. It was moved, seconded and passed that we have a party on December 14 at 1700. Members will bring side dishes – will make a list of who is bringing so we don’t get a lot of the same thing. The list will be generated at our next meeting.
Bruce Irving commented that the Ada County Veterans Council goal is to be sure that all veterans organizations get proper information about the VA, The Idaho Division of Veterans Services, the State Veterans Homes, the Idaho State Cemetery, as well as upcoming veterans events. Cost is $25.00 per year and the representative and alternate. When it was found that Doug Foote was the current chairman, there was adamant disapproval. Gerry brought up that if we dislike some one that we don’t have to associate with them. The purpose of the organization exists to get information to other organizations. He volunteered to be the representative and Terry could be the secondary. It was moved, seconded and passed that we join the ACUVC. It was also moved that the Post pay the dues and that Gerry and Terry be the representatives, seconded and passed. According to their letter, the next meeting is October 8.

Drawings were held for the raffle and the winners were Stacie Allen: a cap and $25 gift certificate from Buckhorn Gun shop, Lily Valencia: a cap and $25 gift certificate from Buckhorn Gun shop and Kathy Fien: a Comfort Zone 9” Box Fan.

Stan presented a plaque to the Post. Marv read the inscription:

With sincere appreciation
For the kindness, generosity
and dedication to our
American Legion
Middleton Post 39
Thank you!
Stan and Jeanie Meholchik
Juniper Ranch

he thanked them and there was a round of applause.

There being no further business, Fred Webb led the closing prayer.  “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted.  The meeting was adjourned at 2013.

Bruce Irving
Next meeting is October 28 at 1900 preceded by dinner at 1800.

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