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Middleton Post 39
December 28, 2020

The meeting was called to order at the Post home by 2nd Vice Commander Carlos Fleetwood. Attendance: Carlos Fleetwood,Bruce Irving, David Shively, Fred Webb and Howard White.

Adjutant Bruce Irving indicated that there was a quorum.

Minutes: Bruce moved that the November 30 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed unanimously.

Bruce moved that, as the principles have been unable to get together, we pay the $200 January rent on this building. Seconded and passed unanimously.

Bruce was then asked the status of our bank account. We have $5,359.27 in the bank of which $1, dedicated The savings account stands at $Sick Call:7,127.32. We have received $350 for Honor Guard services since the last meeting.

Next meeting is January 25.

Sick Call: Our Commander, Marv West, was in the hospital and, as of yesterday afternoon, has had 3 leg surgeries and still more to come. He came home last night.
Bruce has been under the weather this past week. He thinks it might be precursors to stroke.
Chaplain Fred Webb spoke a prayer of healing for these and others.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1950.
Bruce Irving

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