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Middleton Post 39
November 29, 2021

The meeting was called to order at the Post home by Commander Marv West at 1900. Attendance is on a separate list. There were 24 members and 5 guests present.
Colors were saluted. Adjutant Fred Webb offered the opening prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by CDR West. He then led the Preamble to the Constitution. Fred Webb recited the POW/MIA service. The Adjutant reported there was a quorum.

Minutes: The October minutes are on the web site. Bruce moved that the October 25 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site. Seconded and passed.

Guests: Keith and Wayne Burr became members following the meeting. James Adams looking for something to do.

Sterling Mathis asked if there was a list of the POW/MIA. We will check with a person that should know.

Finance: We have $1,325.72 in the bank The savings account stands at $16,673.70. We received $250 Honor Guard donations but I had to refund 150, $50 from the Army.

Membership: We have 75 2022 members which is 77% of our goal. We have a new member, Fred Lewis.

Adjutant: I have resolved the issue with our web host.
Since the trash was removed from the attic, there is no insulation there and it has been too cold to stay in the office. Therefore, I am working from home.

1st VC: Absent.

2nd VC: No report.

Honor Guard: We performed three services this month: Assembly at Middleton Middleton School and a Memorial for a WWI vet in Star. Earlier, we Honors in Nampa.
Dan honored Terry Glassinger, David Shively, Mike Polk, and Richard Joswick as they have retired from the Honor Guard.
Middleton has asked us to do the Christmas Parade on December 11 at 1400. We need to arrive by 1300. We will have a float and throw out candy.
Also, we have a Christmas party two days later on December 13 at the River House in Star.

The Christmas Party RSVP list was passed around to every one present. By conclusion of the meeting, we had 140 people sign up. It was clarified that we need to bring one gift per person valued at $10 or less. The party is at Main St. and is open to your family.

Marv reported that in the last year we gathered many flags. Bruce will contact Matt Moisin about using his burning barrel.

There was discussion about Home Depot providing a flag pole. Negotiations are under way for this as well as a shower for Dave Shively. It was noted that he also needs a wheel chair ramp.

It was moved, seconded and passed that there will be no meeting on December 27.

It was noted that Bill Jensen is being scheduled for rewiring his pace-maker.

Dave Shivley asked that we keep the people make it home. He mentioned that his son is on his 13th tour.

Marv asked our newer members to step up to replace people that are retiring so that we can keep this post great.

Dave talked about the Business Flag program that Mike and he have been working for many years. They put up the flags at sunrise and take them down at sundown on certain holidays. Marv mentioned that he had put up 23 flags in Star. He had too many businesses wanting to retain the flag that they could have it up all the time. It has worked out great – I go around once a year to collect the $40.

Terry reported that, at the time of our Christmas party, he will be on his way North Dakota.

There being no further business, Fred gave a closing prayer. “Till We Meet Again” was recited and the colors were saluted. The meeting was adjourned at 1953.

Bruce Irving
The next meeting is scheduled for January 31, 2022.

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