Post Minutes

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Middleton Post 39
Jun 25, 2018

The meeting was called to order at Sunrise Cafe by Commander Marv West at 1900 hrs. Attendance is on separate list. 11 members are present.

Colors were saluted. Bruce Irving led the opening prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commander West. The attendees all recited the preamble to the American Legion Constitution. The POW/MIA Ceremony was not performed. Sgt-At-Arms indicated that there was a quorum.

POST MINUTES: Commander West asked if we had minutes from previous meetings- Adjutant Bruce Irving said he has copies of the May minutes. They are also on the web site. He moved that the May 21 minutes be accepted as posted on the web site – it was seconded and passed.

Gerry Feil, Jr., SAL member, is our only guest

Finance: We have $4,199.33 in the bank plus $100.00 to be deposited. The savings account stands at $10,116.06. From the May meeting, we have received $500 in Honor Guard donations and spent $940.03 for uniforms and $98 for storage rent.
The bank has become very picky about how our checks are made out – they want our full name, American Legion Middleton Post 39, or an abbreviation, ALMP39. In the same way, SAL checks should be Sons of The American Legion Middleton Squadron 39 or SALMS39.

Membership: We finished 2018 with 111 members paid for 2018 for 97.3% of our goal. Unfortunately, 17 transferred to Post 113 and 1 transferred to Post Everlasting leaving us with 93 members. We are collecting 2019 dues. I would appreciate it if you would make checks to the Squadron or Auxiliary separate from Legion checks as they go into separate accounts. Of course, cash works quite well.
We have 1 WWII member and 2 Active duty members which we will pay the first of the month. We also have 8 PUFLs and one member paid earlier this afternoon for a total of 12 2019 members.

Adjutant: Since the Sunrise is maintaining their 8:00PM closing, I would suggest that we move our meeting one-half hour earlier?

Honor Guard Commander: Dan Geib reported that in May, we did 10 services and in June, 9. So far, there is nothing on the calendar but the parade. Star Parade is 0900 and Middleton is 1100. We will not march in Middleton as the route is 2 ½ miles over hills. Bruce indicated that Jennifer Brock of the Parade Committee called to make sure that we were still engaged. I said that we were but would not march. Instead, we will have a trailer. She said “Good! I’ll make sure there is enough room for you.”

CDR West indicated that we seem to be getting our clothing together. If you still need something, let Bruce know so that we can make one big order instead of a lot of little ones. Also, on the back page of the Legion magazine, there is an ad for polyester pants that if we order two or more they are $12.00 each. (Chaplain Bruce Peterson arrived at this time.) Dave suggested that we order one pair to see what they are like. Gerry said that he had 2 pair but he hasn’t gotten them yet. It was determined that Mike Polk has them. It was moved, seconded and passed to get one pair for $14.00. Gerry’s size is 34”X30”.

The District 3 Picnic is coming up 28 July noon to 1600 at Veterans Memorial Park. They are requesting that Post 39 bring plates, utensils, napkins and, if in season, corn on the cob. Bruce Peterson and Dale Rohnert have indicated that they are going and have the items.

We have a gentleman that is doing a superb job as bugler. Post 113 approached him about working for them but he is happy with us because we are friendly. Josh is planning to attend BSU this fall but he doesn’t have the funding available. He wants to go into music and is currently working for an accounting office. He is now a member of the Sons. It was moved, seconded and passed by hand vote that the Post set aside $500 per year for a scholarship. and that Kevin Bishop will find out how to legally make it a scholarship.

There was much discussion about 20’X30’ flags. The manager of BiMart in Star is interested but needs a package price. We have the flag, Blake Trailer can make a pole, then we get some concrete. Discussion digressed to a Parade Flag. It boiled down to using our regular parade flags and mount them on Marv’s 16’ trailer – it already has brackets.

We are approaching a no-storage area for our weapons. If we can’t store them in a locked vault, we will have to return them to the military. Bruce indicated that we have 15 rifles. Mike Polk indicated that he could keep the safe at his place. It was moved, seconded and passed that we procure a safe at a cost not to exceed $1,000.

It was moved, seconded and passed to purchase $300 of candy for the parades.
Bruce indicated that the Post will pay the registration fee of our delegates at the Summer Convention at the Red Lion Downtowner. Bruce Peterson, Dale Rohnert, Terry Glassinger, Gerry Feil and Bruce Irving will be going.

Attempted to come up with ideas for increasing attendance. Gerry held a drawing and presented Floyd Keithley with a $25 certificate to Gridley’s.
The meeting was recessed at 1959 to reconvene in the parking lot at which time, the meeting was adjourned.

Bruce Irving