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July 19, 2018 MINUTES

Present: Bruce Irving Commander/Adjutant,

There not being a quorum, this was only an informational meeting.

The Constitution and By-Laws require that a meeting be called at least once each month. In addition, they state that three members, one being the Commander or one of the Vice Commanders, to achieve a quorum. There is nothing that requires any member to attend unless you want to affect the operation of the Squadron.

If you have any ideas concerning making the meetings more interesting, please advise the Commander. I felt that learning the Ten Ideals or Five Point program where you earn a cap pin. That also applies if there is a date or time that is more convenient to you. 208-713-6101 or or

Good of the Squadron: Our Web Site is: Among other things, minutes of all of our meetings are available. And members are encouraged to check as it is usually kept up to date.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Irving,