SAL Minutes

August 26, 2017 MINUTES

Present:          Jack Youngs Commander,                             Bruce Irving Adjutant,
Frank Leffler Vice Commander/Chaplain

Meeting called to order at the Methodist Church at 10:00 AM by Jack. Frank invoked the blessing of God.  Jack led Flag Salute; read Resolution NC 2094 pertaining to POW/MIA.  Jack then led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the National Constitution.

Minutes of last regular meeting have been on the web site and a copy is available at this meeting.         Moved and seconded to accept July 1 Minutes as handed out and posted on the web site.  Passed

Membership:  We 7 2018 members.  Dave Freeman tells me that Sal has moved.

Finance: We have $455.14 in the bank.  We have $120.00 that we were expecting payment for 2017 dues from 8 members that I need to clear from our books.  There was a glitch in the books:  Cameron had paid.  Wayne has resigned as Detachment NEC and has not returned Jack’s calls.  Jack will pay his as he (Jack) had the Squadron to pay his family’s dues.

Report from Department & National Conventions

Jack reported on the “I Got 3” membership incentive program.

In about 2 years, the Post MDF will be on-line.

From the 18 Aug. Membership meeting:  they want us all (Legion, Auxiliary and Sons) working together.

None of the Detachment committees have a chairman!

Programs:  Birth Certificate controls, e.g.: if it says they were born as a girl, they are not eligible for Boys State.

PUFL will not be happening for SAL.

Denise Rohan is Legion National Commander.

Danny Smith is SAL National Commander.

Effective 1 Sep, ALEI will become ALBasicTraing and will be free to members.

Legion World Series:  Lewiston attended attaining 4th place; Henderson, NV won.

Jack had a Certificate of Recognition from National SAL for our 100% per capita donation to the Child Welfare Foundation.

We had a motion at our last meeting to donate $20.00 for the Baseball picnic.  No further information was given me so this has not been done.  Moved and seconded to give this donation to the Post at their meeting Monday

Squadron Flags:  Jack has the Squadron Parade flag and Frank had a base.

Moved by Bruce and seconded by Frank to dissolve corporate status of Middleton Squadron 39 Inc.  Motion carried 2 ayes, 0 nays.

Moved and seconded to amend Constitution & By-Laws.  Passed.

Next meeting:  Oct 20 1800 at the Methodist Church this will combine October and November meetings.

Use donation $10.00 will be by check.


We have a new Web Site:
All Squadron members are encouraged to participate in these activities

Aug 28:  Post meeting @ Sunrise Cafe` 1900
Sep 2:  Honor Guard Appreciation BBQ @ Cloverdale Cemetery 1300-1600

 Sick Call:  Frank Eschelman of Post 2 went in for surgery, they opened him up, closed him and said he had about 1 year to live.

Closing prayer by Frank.
Flag Salute
Jack recited “Till we meet again”
The meeting was adjourned at 11:23.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Irving,