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March 8, 2018 MINUTES

Present:   Jack Youngs Commander,              Bruce Irving Adjutant,
Frank Leffler Vice Commander/Chaplain             

Meeting called to order at Vice Commander Leffler’s residence at 6:05 PM by Jack. Frank invoked the blessing of God.  Jack led Flag Salute; read Resolution NC 2-94 pertaining to POW/MIA.  POW/MIA flag was placed.  Jack then led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the National Constitution.

Minutes of last regular meeting have been on the web site and a copy is available at this meeting.  Bruce moved and Frank seconded to accept Feb 3 Minutes as handed out and posted on the web site.   Motion carried.

Membership:  We 19 2018 members for 50% of our goal.  Three 2017 members haven’t renewed.
Finance:  We have $426.14 in the bank.  Since the last meeting, we have paid out $32.50 park fee.
Sick Call:  Frank has been ill this past week (and still doesn’t look so hot!)

OLD BUSINESS:  Roadside (Tank) Park is reserved for Jun 23 4:00 – 8:00
Department still needs to add Squadron 39 to their web site.  Jack will contact Lucky.
Jack thanked Bruce for putting the Squadron minutes on the web site and suggested putting the Post minutes up.

NEW BUSINESS:  John Foster had told Jack that he had given the historical folder to his father who is not responding to Jack’s calls.
After some discussion where he will be very busy and his mom may even be coming out here.  Jack asked Frank to take Command for a moment.  Jack then moved that the elections be postponed to next month.  Bruce seconded and motion carried.

Next meeting:  at Frank’s on April 11 6:00PM (ed 3/9:  Frank has resigned from his offices due to health reasons.  The next meeting will be at Jack Youngs’ residence – same date & time.)

Jack then resumed command.

Jack saw that Bruce Peterson had called and Jack asked if he could call him back.  He is still trying to come

Jack gave his Americanism Report which is attached.

Frank has a relative that is playing baseball in his senior year and wondered about scholarship.  Jack said that there is a $500 scholarship, he has to be nominated by his coach and there is a bunch of paper work.

Jack then gave his Detachment Commander’s Report (attached)

Jack then spoke about the Rendezvous and each of us went through the introduction.  The second page is to establish the reasons and goals for Squadron 39:  Support and honor veterans and assist the Post with their projects.  Also, what are our core values.


Our Web Site is:  Among other things, minutes of all of our meetings are available.  And members are encouraged to check as it is usually kept up to date.

All Squadron members are encouraged to participate in these activities
Apr 28:  District 3 Conference @ Meridian 8:00-noon.  Lt Governor may speak.
May 1:  Veterans Memorial Hall Open House, 1101 Cleveland, Caldwell
May 1:  Veterans Memorial Hall Grand Opening 5:30PM
12 – 15:  Jul Dept convention, Red Lion Downtowner
28 Jul:  District 3 picnic Veterans Memorial Park, Noon – 4:00

Closing prayer by Frank.
Flag Salute
Jack recited “Till we meet again”
The meeting was adjourned at 6:55.
Bruce Peterson arrived at this time.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Irving,


Americanism Report

SAL Color Emblem

Jack Youngs Department Americanism Chairman


Spring  2018

My Fellow Legionnaires,

Good morning and thank you for allowing me to speak to you.

March is Community Service Month, as well as The American Legions birthday 15-17 March. promote The American Legion in the programs sponsored and services provided.

April is Children and Youth month, coordinate C&Y activities with the Auxiliary and the Sons.

The Oratorical contest was held and here are the standings:
1. Lochlan Fredrick of Meridian.
2. Alayna Lopez of Idaho Falls
3. Dante Haberly of Mountain Home.
4. Aiden Dituri of Post Falls

Boys State is coming up. April 15 is deadline for packages to be to HQ. It is from 3-8 Jun 2018 at NNU. $400.00 cost with mandatory all hands taking the 2 college credit class, talk to counselors for $ from $5000 for each student.

Baseball will soon be upon us. In District 3 access to get baseball schedules is as follows: go to use then use baseball18 as your password.

Junior Shooting Sports is another program and currently Meridian, Post 113 is involved and Kuna Post 142 is starting up a program of their own. At this time if you are thinking about starting your own program you may contact Meridian Post 113 for assistance.

The American Legion supports (Res. No.1. 2017) Reaffirmation for a Strong America. (Res. No. 16. 2017). Cursive writing in 21st Century schools.

Temporary Financial Assistance Res. No. 8 (fall 2017) updated Feb 2018.  Must be either Active Duty NG in Sand Box.  They now have an email address so they speed things up by not using snail mail.

Remember if you want more information on any Americanism Program please go to and type in Americanism manual in the search bar, then you will be able to download it to your computer. You will also find current information for the 2018 Boys State tool kit by going to next page.


Kindest Regards,
Jack Youngs
Americanism Chairman
American Legion, Department of Idaho
Still Serving America      Ph: (208) 550-7326

Here is some help for recruiting Boys State. Please forward it to your Boys State Recruiter.

 BOYS STATE TOOLKIT At the Combined Americanism Conference, you learned that National HQ created an American Legion Boys State Toolkit. It was designed to help posts, departments and others in the Legion family raise awareness and increase participation in the program. You do not have to use this toolkit. It is meant to be of assistance if you need ideas on how to recruit. We have motivated volunteers nationwide that request this toolkit. When they request this toolkit, we are now forwarding their request to your department program. We want to ensure that if you already have a toolkit in use, that they can make contact with you. This also allows us to lead volunteers right to you.

To access the toolkit visit:

Password: ALBSdownload


Detachment Commander’s Report

SAL Color Emblem

Jack Youngs Detachment Commander


10 March 2018



  1. Thanks for letting me visit.
  2. Introduce Detachment Officer’s Present (STAND UP AND BE RECOGNIZED)
  3. Donald Ramirez (CA) Western Region S.A.L. NVC. visited and had great things to say about Idaho.
  4. The Detachment is 77.34%, #35 Nationally, #3 in West with a renewal rate of 60.69%. 80% membership goal is 14 Mar 2018. If you (Post) get green copies for membership on MDF give copy to S.A.L. and Aux.
  5. Summer Convention will be 12-15 Jul 2018 at Red Lion Downtowner. (possible changes to come for S.A.L.).
  6. Basic Training Course under media, is now Free for Legion Family, Youth Participants and Scholarship Award winners. Everyone is encouraged and any Officer is highly recommended to get completed. SAME AS THE LEGION
  7. S.A.L. Individual recruitment Danny Smith’s Award Pin (5), Denise Rohan‘s pin (3), CDR. Woodman‘s pin (3).
  8. All Squadrons need to fill out the Squadron Officer’s Report and turn it in. In brief case. Also don’t forget to fill out your Consolidated Squadron Report.  Get on
  9. Update Constitution and By-laws (if necessary) turn in to HQ. Squadron.




Jack Youngs
Son’s of The American Legion, Detachment of Idaho
Still Serving America
Ph: (208) 550-7326