SAL Programs

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The Squadron Handbook provides most of the information about running the Squadron

One of the “Four Pillars of Service”, Americanism, is possibly the broadest area of service with which the Sons of The American Legion are involved and activities are seemingly endless.

The American Legion’s four pillars – Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation,
National Security; Americanism, and Children and Youth – are as relevant today
as when our organization was founded in 1919. The Youth Handbook covers some of the things that are pertinent to Sons of The American Legion.

The Five Star Program provides a means of obtaining medals the signify your certification of your knowledge in Patriotism, Citizen ship, Discipline, Leadership and Legionism. On completion of all fie, there is a special medal awarded. These medals may be worn on your cap.

You can also take an on-line class at the American Legion Extension Institute ( that teaches you about the history of The American Legion. The cost of the course is approximately $5.00 and you may pause and return at any time. On completion, you will be awarded a certificate signed by the National Commander and a pin that may be worn on your cap.