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News release

We mourn the passing of Commander Marv West during his nearly five year reign, Marv greatest accomplishment was securing the Post a home, most recently at the Star Fire Station. Our sincere condolences to Jeanne-Marie and the rest of Marv’s family.

Fortunately, as of this writing, The Post will have a meeting Monday, November 27th to get reorganized. The next meeting will be January 29.

Legion 39 family was looking forward to our annual Christmas Party in December. It was decided, with so many members ill and even in the hospital, to cancel it.
Meeting times are at 7:00PM on the last Monday of the month at the Star Fire Department, 11665 W. Highway 44, Star, ID 83669, with post sponsored dinner served at 6:00PM.

Contact the writer for more information.
-Bruce Irving