Prog Honor Guard

Annual Flag Burning Ceremony on June 16, 2018


The Honor Guard performed at the “Out of Darkness Walk” at Kleiner Park in Meridian this morning (9/30/17)


The Honor Guard provides a three-volley salute and a live bugle playing of Taps in honor of the departed. Normally, members from the deceased’s service will fold and present the Flag to the family. The Honor Guard can perform that service if necessary. It can also provide a Chaplain if needed.

The Honor Guard has also been called upon to present the Colors at the beginning of meetings as well as at Church services – with or without weapons.

The Honor Guard is pleased to present these services without charge but we do accept donations.

Funeral services are usually arranged by the family through the funeral home. Other services may be made by phone or email with

HONOR GUARD COMMANDER – Ira Smith (503) 701-8644

Veterans Day Service at Syringa Middle School Nov 2015

 Military War Dog Ceremony Nov 2, 2015